Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do You Say Green Beans or String Beans?

farmers' market string beans

What's the vegetable in the picture above?

Did you say "green beans," "string beans," "snap beans," or something else? I hope you didn't say broccoli. Then we'd have a real problem.

I grew up in New England where we called them "string beans." Despite the fact that I've lived in California for eight years now where I seem to be only one who calls them "string beans," I just can't bring myself to call them "green beans." And I certainly never called them "green beans" or "snap beans" when I lived in the South either. What kind of Yankee would I have been?

Apparently, it's just a geographical preference -- no right or wrong answers here. So how about you? What do you call them, and where are you from?

I not only like saying "string beans," I really like eating them. Here are four of my favorite string bean or green bean recipes:

rainbow carrots n beans orange mat

Green beans with prosciutto, pinenuts, and Meyer lemon

string beans and tofu in Thai peanut butter sauce


Here are five more tempting string bean or green bean recipes to try:
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