Sunday, October 26, 2008

Making Italian Pizzelle Cookies with Dad


Last year when I originally posted on my Dad's pizzelle cookies, I stumbled upon this pizzelle recipe at Maryann's delicious blog, Finding La Dolce Vita.

I was smitten with Maryann's pizzelle iron which had a unique pattern. I decided instantly to surprise my dad with one (after all, he is the official pizzelle maker in our family). Thinking she bought her's in Italy, I was shocked when she told me it was a Toastmaster pizzelle iron from Walmart! Unfortunately, Walmart no longer carried it, nor did any of the dozen other places I tried. Maryann said she would keep an eye out for me and let me know if she found one.

Toastmaster pizzelle iron

A few weeks later, a box arrived in my mail. It was Maryann's pizzelle iron. She said she knew that "it would be in good hands" with me. I couldn't have been more touched. Here is a woman who lives over 2,500 miles away, whom I never met, and who had sent me her beloved pizzelle iron.

I promised Maryann I wouldn't be posting on the pizzelle iron until it could be christened with my Dad. So when he came to visit in September, we (well, mostly he, as I was busy snapping pictures and eating cookies), made a batch of pizzelles with it. They were better than I ever remember. Grazie, Maryann. You are a special person.

pizzelle ice cream sandwiches

For a truly splendid treat, make pizzelle ice cream sandwiches! My favorite is rich chocolate ice cream (shown above) or pistachio gelato. It's heaven I tell you, heaven.

Please click here for the interesting history of the pizzelle, my Dad's recipe for making them and for a step-by-step guide
(with special celebrity chef, my dad)

Pizzelles are always a big hit at parties, so I'm bringing some to Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen for her blog party. And since they're baked with licorice-scented anise seed, I'm sharing them with Anita of Dessert First, who has chosen spices for this month's SHF. Since I'm thankful for my friendship with Maryann and for being able to bake with my dad, I'm sending my pizzelles to Val of More Than Burnt Toast and Ivy of Kopiaste who would like to know what we're thankful for this November.

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