Monday, October 11, 2010

My Book, Recipes Every Man Should Know, Is Available for Pre-Sale on Amazon!

Christmas at Nui Dat, 1970

I just returned from the amazing BlogHer Food '10 conference in San Francisco. I am thrilled and humbled to tell you that my little black book, Recipes Every Man Should Know, co-authored with Brett Cohen, was the first book to sell out at their authors' table! (Insert sounds of horn-tooting by me.)

Would you like a copy of Recipes Every Man Should Know or a copy for a hungry guy in your life? It's available for pre-sale on Amazon right now, and it's only $9.95!

Why should men cook?

1. Women think men who cook are sexy.
2. It involves fire, sharp instruments, and meat.
3. Women think men who cook are sexy, and it involves fire, sharp instruments, and meat.

Need more reasons?

4. It's cheaper than eating out all the time, which means more money for other stuff.
5. It's healthier, which is also sexy.
6. If you cook for your friends, they'll buy you drinks.

That's why you've got to have a copy of Recipes Every Man Should Know. This little black book is packed with easy, delicious recipes that will impress family, friends, and, most importantly, the ladies.

Aridai 18
It's never too early to get him started in the kitchen.

Not sure which pots and pans to use? We tell you. Don't know the difference between dicing and slicing? We explain. Not sure how many pints are in a quart? Two. No matter the occasion, we've got recipes that won't fail you:
  • Tailgating? Jumbalaya and Beef-and-Beer Chile
  • Throwing a party? Beer Margaritas and BuffaloWings
  • Dinner alone? Perfect Panfried Pork Chops
  • Romantic dinner for her? Creamy Shrimp Fettucine 
  • Sunday breakfast with the kids? Better-Than-IHOP Chocolate Chip Pancakes
We've even got recipes for "The Hangover Cure," (yes, it works), The Perfect Burger, No-Bake Cheesecake, and more! All this goodness fits snugly in your back pocket, so you don't even need a grocery list. What more could you ask for?

Want to buy a copy for yourself or for a guy in your life? It makes a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for only $9.95! Order your copy of Recipes Every Man Should Know through or through today!

Photo Credits: Creative Commons, Flickr: Australian War Memorial Collection and Hadassah Williams.